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New Product Ideas

Remember Blockbuster? So do we. Continuously Beat Your Competition by branching out your product and service offerings.

The Insight You Need

Our Enterprise Packages are designed to help you Scale Your Business.

The Branch Out package is designed to provide Strategic Brand Extension Ideas and Innovative Product Offerings in order to keep your business ahead of the pack.


All of Wexford's ideas are informed by research, data analysis, and a deep review of your brand capabilities in order to Leverage and Sustain Your Competitive Advantage.


We pride ourselves on creating truly innovative ideas to Differentiate Your Brand and Gain Market Share.

How this package stacks up

New Product & Service Ideas | Plan & Financials
Brand Extension Ideas | Plan & Financials
Discovery Call | Let's Chat!
Analytics Review | Upgrade Package
User Experience Update | Upgrade Package

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."
— Steve Jobs


  • Primary & Secondary Research
  • Confirm New Idea Potential

Pro-Forma Financials

  • Model Financial Projections
  • Provide Estimated Profit & Loss

Product / Service Ideas

  • Strategic Brand Extentions
  • Innovative New Product Ideas

Package Comparison Chart

Comparison chart of entrepreneurial growth and financial packages

Package Comparison Chart

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