About Us




Wexford Entrepreneurial Partners
is a team of consultants
geared to help businesses grow.

We are entrepreneurial professionals delivering holistic consulting and strategy implementation.

The Wexford Name

The Story

Upon learning that Falconry is an actual thing and in fact an historic sport, Andrew and his wife decided to partake in the Falconry activity offered by Ashford Castle during their honeymoon trip to Ireland.

Wexford so happened to be the name of the falcon. His real photo is below, not a stock image!

You may be thinking, “So the name of your company is just that of a bird from an interesting activity that you did? … Cool story bro. “ Not quite. As with most things we do, there is a double meaning to Wexford.

Falcons are strategic hunters.

They differ from other birds of prey in that they consciously conserve their energy by systematically targeting their next move before deftly transitioning to a new location in order to better position themselves for a strike.

When ready, they swoop down with accuracy and precision to claim their prize.

P.S. Fun fact: Falcons only take 6 weeks to train. They are quite smart.

Long Story Short...

Cool Falcon Name
Strategic "Hunting" Philosophy

Why We Started

We realized a few things in this world that informed our decision to help others:

Business School does not teach you everything you need to start a business.

Consulting with an established firm for respected companies provides important but siloed experience.

Brands that become cash cows suffer from Group Think and eventually perish.

Starting a company is incredibly hard. Innovating an established company can be even harder.

People will always need help scaling their business and leveraging different experiences.

Our Philosophy

1. Holistic Consulting

Our holistic approach to consulting allows us to provide recommendations that take into consideration how it will impact other internal and external factors affecting your organization.

For example specialists that are siloed in one functional business area, such as a consultancy only offering marketing services, may not understand how changing credit card processing on your website can affect your bookkeeping.

2. Innovative Ideas

We love coming up with new user experiences and new business ideas. Strategic brainstorming is quite fun, yielding unique ideas for new user experiences and products that differentiates brands.

Who would ever want to lead from behind?

3. Entrepreneurial Mindset

Whether you are a startup company or an enterprise level firm, every business needs to leverage an entrepreneurial mindset to succeed in this market.

We do not discriminate regarding the size of the business. We only ask that our clients have an open mind to explore new opportunities and ideas that will help them grow their business successfully.

That Team Though

Andrew Greenspan

Founder & CEO
⥤ Bio ⥢
Since 2010, Andrew has helped clients grow their business by leveraging his holistic consulting philosophy.

Andrew’s professional experience includes Advertising Account Management, Business Development and Sales, Human Resources and Talent Management, Digital & Social Media Marketing, Website Development & SEO Implementation, Financial Operations including Payroll, Bookkeeping, Tax Preparation, Project Estimates, and Forecasts.

Certifications include: Financial: M.B.A. Finance, Lehigh University. Quickbooks Advanced Certified Marketing: Google Ads & Analytics, Hubspot Inbound, Codecademy Full Stack

"If you get up in the morning and think the future is going to be better, it is a bright day."

—Elon Musk

Todd Kunsman

Digital Marketing Executive
⥤ Bio ⥢
Todd is a digital marketing guru with a deep passion for the music industry having founded Oh So Fresh! Music and provided content management and digital marketing to Fanswell, a SaaS music start-up.

Todd’s professional experience includes an active role as Head of Marketing for EveryoneSocial and previously as an Inbound Marketer helping a range of clients from Entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 businesses such as IBM. Most recently Todd founded Invested Wallet, a personal finance and investing community.

Certifications Include: Technical: B.S. Computer Science Marketing: Google Ads & Analytics, Hubspot Inbound Marketing

"Without action, the best intentions in the world are nothing more than that: intentions."

—Jordan Belfort

Raffe Salvadge

Graphic Design Media Specialist
⥤ Bio ⥢
Raffe has over 4 years experience producing corporate graphic design and media content. He specializes in concept development of new business, branding, corporate identity, social marketing, TV, web, mobile, print, collateral, direct mail, events, and outdoor campaigns from concept through completion.

Raffe has worked with small businesses and large corporations. Notable clients include: Chevrolet, Philadelphia Flyers Hockey, Russell Stover, Air Products, Lehigh Valley Health Network, PPL Electric, Talen Energy, and Embassy Bank.

He is also pursuing a UX/UI Design degree. A strong passion for creating and delivering timeless designs that produce results is what keeps him going!

"Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing."

—Salvador Dali