Growth & Marketing

Growth Detail Business Flow.png

The internet is constantly changing, thus growth tactics and marketing strategies are too.

We have our pulse on new trends and best practices because we A/B test ads everyday on a number of platforms to get our clients that ROI they deserve.

Let us generate great leads for you. We perform data analysis to utilize the best ad spend on the proper mediums that target the right keywords.

We select the right mix of Google Ad Words, Facebook or Instagram advertising, marketing automation with Pardot, HubSpot, or Marketo, and/or organic growth strategies for you.


Financials & Bookkeeping


Fluent in analyzing financial statements, building complex spreadsheets, estimating projects, projecting costs & revenues,

Advanced Certified in QuickBooks Online. Payroll setup & execution, tax preparation, budgeting for capital expenditures or hiring new personnel, pricing new or existing products / services, competitor research / industry benchmarking, workflows for estimates / invoicing / managing accounts receivables & payables, determining capital requirements.... and lions and tigers and bears, oh my!! 

Need a financial guru? We have you covered.


Media & Content

Content is king. Utilizing the right content in the proper context and format will build rapport with your users and get you those social media shares.

We can help you from concept through production specializing in digital and print ads, video production, animation, photo retouching & manipulation, creating infographics, sales sheets, white pages, catalogs, social media posts, website images, creative copy for brand names / ads / website. 

Don't waste time fumbling with copy, putzing around in Photoshop, or testing IG filters - we have that on lock.


User Experience & Innovation

Customers demand great experiences. If they don't get what they want, they'll go somewhere else.

Your experiences today might be great, but customers' expectations are constantly changing. Customers experience your business in a number of ways.

Maintaining best practices while continuously adapting to their tastes and preferences will help you maintain marketshare. Let us dive in and experience your business from all angles. 

Stay ahead of the curve and let Wexford ideate excellent user experiences for you.


Business Strategy


A top down approach of determining your business objectives,

Key Performance Indicators, competitive advantages, capital requirements, growth tactics, client retention, and exit strategies. And there's so much more to consider!

Client retention via customer loyalty programs, sales strategies & training, recruitment & talent management to maintain an excellent workforce, identifying blue ocean strategies, and new product development. 

Want to make sure your organization isn't suffering from group think?


Operations & Human Resources


Is your workflow as efficient as possible? Do you have the right recruitment tactics in place to get top-tier talent?

Are your employees and contractors motivated properly with incentive plans + perks + compensation?

Employee retention, specifically the A players, is crucial to your overall success. Avoid significant employee turnover & low morale by motivating your team with financial & non-financial incentives, providing excellent training, and career growth plans. Wexford will provide your team with winning solutions.


Branding / Identity


Whether you have a new or existing brand, it's important to make sure your brand is aligned with your company values and target personas. It's hard to make brand decisions!

From logo, to tagline, to favicon, to brand voice, to brand guidelines... needless to say there are a plethora of decisions to make. On top of that you need to make sure you're equipped with the appropriate filetypes so your amazing logo doesn't look pixelated!

We're passionate about making your brand look good.


Persona Development


Persona development is a crucial step towards getting the best results from your marketing initiatives. The idea here is to create bios of your clientele.

These bios take into consideration a number of traits to help us better understand purchasing behaviors of your clients.

This data allows us to determine when to advertise, which platforms to advertise on, what type of content to provide, which keywords to buy, what type of marketing funnel to place them in, how often to reach back out to them, and much much more.


Analytics & Reporting


What good is spending your money on consulting and advertising if you aren't sure of your results? We feel you on that one. Fortunately we love data and transparency. Data analysis is how we inform decisions that we make. Reporting our results to you helps us sleep well at night. Wexford strives to deliver you accurate reports with an analysis as to what happened (the good and bad) and our updated strategic plan. Our decisions are informed on data and experience, along with listening to your insights.